Why CTOs and HR Departments Choose Drupal for Corporate Intranets

  A choice on the technology selected for an intranet is very important. Intranets extend throughout organisations getting to every employee and also different service processes. They also play a dual function: of a news website as well as the social and business system. Few software program tools on the marketplace can accommodate all the requirements the intranet has – however Drupal can. When several systems are examined for an intranet, Drupal begins top. Here is why.


  Meets multiple requirements out of the box

  Drupal out of package uses lots of functions an intranet requires.

  Account management, roles, and permissions

  The administrator typically has different benefits than a routine user. Drupal offers a very granular authorizations system, permitting fine-grained control of that can do what. The manager can add content and also handle remarks, a regular customer, however, may only be able to talk about posts.

  This capability can be increased with a contrib Team component which can permit department-level approvals to include content or gain access to it just in certain areas of the intranet. A department head may only be able to include news easily accessible by one division. Alerts about brand-new material may be sent just to relevant staff members not the entire business.


  Intranets hold a lot of data about the company, but then again have to be frequently readily available from outside (even if just using a VPN). Drupal stand apart amongst vendors with its security-focused method with a robust process for evaluating and repairing protection vulnerabilities.

A clear, clear security-focused process taken care of by a committed Drupal safety group, makes sure that any type of vulnerabilities are solved promptly and also are published in a foreseeable style.

  Publishing and workflows

  Intranets are typically functioning as news boards, delivering to the staff members’ information concerning what is new in the business. They, consequently, need to provide good CMS capability for the authors to be able to add new web content.

  Drupal is a fantastic CMS. With the operations module and also the above-mentioned consents, it enables the firm to create a formalised procedure of preparing, reviewing and also publishing web content. Extra (openly readily available) modules help with custom-made requirements like scheduling content to be released at predefined times.

  REST APIs ready for integration

  Intranets generally are integrated with several inner systems. Time tracking, vacation demand, KPIs and even more. For some use instances, there will certainly be Drupal modules which can be utilized to interact with other systems (eg. LDAP). Other services can be easily integrated with Drupal thanks to its excellent remainder API which is offered in Drupal core.

  Multiple other functionalities

  Over I explained the most common features an intranet requires and how Drupal meets these. Apart from that, nevertheless, there is a multitude of features and also performances which your intranet might require which are available in Drupal and the contrib. We talked about some of them in an article a short article regarding modules which can be used in an intranet on Drupal.

  No vendor lock-in

  Drupal does not come with supplier lock-in. It is Open Source as well as normally a company spends for execution and can make use of the software application and also change as it wants indefinitely without being bound by a permit.

  Thousands of companies worldwide usage Drupal as well as offer support for it. Thanks to this, there is no demand to stick to one firm. The company can transform companies or deal with several companies at the same time to make sure that it obtains the very best outcomes. It could additionally (if it whished) hire internal Drupal professionals and keep the intranet on its own.


  While choosing an intranet for their systems, CTOs usually seek a system that is futureproofed. No one would wish to choose an innovation which will lapse in 3 years. Drupal is on the market for one decade as well as has not shed its importance. As a matter of fact, it is just growing stronger. It is getting much more robust and extra high profile companies are choosing Drupal.

  With its normal launch cycle, Drupal continues to be up to date and ships brand-new features consistently.

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