Today we are going to talk about one of our recent clients. If you want to learn Arabic online, this is the place to go. Yalla Araby is a language school for learning Arabic as a foreign language or improving Arabic as a mother tongue. To design & develop this website, somethings must be taken into consideration very carefully to have it done right.

  • Unique Brand Identity

The website must have a unique brand identity to deliver it’s message clearly. It is a website to learn Arabic online, so the Arabic style must be presented very clearly to all visitors. It’s all started with this unique logo that contains an eye caching English, and Arabic typography.

  • Website was built on top of WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet, it is used by some of the biggest websites on the internet. DW DESIGNS EGYPT is one of the best web design companies in Egypt that builds and develop WordPress websites. They have done a very remarkable job building this website. Yalla Araby has 3 languages to make it easy for visitors around the world to read and navigate the website.

  • Advanced forms

This website needs a lot of custom and complex forms so that users can book online courses from the website. Some of these forms have a lot of complex elements like date picker, multi-choice elements, etc… These forms were built using GravityForms, it is a forms builder plugin that allow you build complex forms easily with their drag & drop GUI.

  • Advanced Plans

Yalla Araby offers a wide range of Arabic learning services. They offer face-to-face learning, online learning, and tours to Egypt to learn the Egyptian dialect. Each one of these services must have it’s own pricing plans. And these plans should be translated to the three languages (Arabic, English, and German). That’s why DW DESIGNS used a very good pricing plugin like Go Pricing. This plugin offers a lot of customizable plan options, and can be translated easily.

  • High performance hosting

To host a website this large, you need a fast, and high performance hosting. DW DESIGNS used one of their European data centers to host this website on a very fast SSD storage, and an internet speed of up-to 1Gb which is an amazing speed.

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