Almost all clients will ask the web design agency about some inquiries. For many, the first concern is is what will the idea cost? The next concern will be can you optimize my website and do SEO to rank number 1 in all major search engines? Finally, they will question can I add pages along with make changes to the website content, menu and images?

What is Drupal CMS?

Drupal is a free along with open source Content Management System that permits managing and creating your content. It is built in PHP based environments. It is carried out under General Public Licence (GNU), meaning everyone is free to download, customize, and share Drupal with other users and developers. Drupal is employed on million sites for instance Stanford University.

The Content Management (CMS) is a software which will keep all the data of your written content (such as text, images, music, documents etc) that is available on your website. A CMS helps in editing, publishing along with modifying the content of the internet site.

It’s the usual story. Anyone install the CMS, assimilate plugins, create a custom design, and add the client’s primary content. You then provide a long time training and give the client valuable advice about keywords plus the problems they’ll inevitably face when pasting from ‘microsoft’ Word. Following the last settlement check, you wish them effectively on their web journey.

Drupal Main Features

  • It makes easy to create along with manage your site.
  • Starting from Drupal 8, it is built from scratch to be mobile friendly
  • Developers friendly API to create 3rd party plugins and themes
  • Translates everything in the system with integrated user interfaces.
  • It joins your website to other sites along with services using feeds, search results connection capabilities etc .
  • powerful template system for easy theme creation
  • Drupal is open source software hence calls for no licensing costs.
  • The idea designs highly flexible, inventive website to the users along with display more effectively to increase typically the visitors.
  • Drupal can submit your content on social media for instance Twitter, Facebook and other public mediums.
  • Drupal provides far more number of professional themes, which include several base themes which tend to be used to design your own themes intended for developing web applications.
  • The idea manages content on info sites, social media sites, member web sites, intranets and web apps.


  • Drupal is a accommodating CMS that allows handling written content types including video, wording, blog, menu handling, live statistics etc.
  • Great content structure to create web apps of any kind, no matter what the size of the web app will be.
  • It provides a variety of templates for developing website applications. So there is no need to get started on from scratch if you are building straightforward or complicated web apps.
  • Drupal is easy to manage or maybe create blog or internet site. It helps to organize, structure, get and reuse content.
  • Great security system that isn’t easy for attackers to hack into.
  • Drupal provides some interesting topics and templates which gives your internet site an attractive look.
  • Drupal possesses over 9000 plug-ins for boosting your website. Since Drupal can be an open source, you can create your individual plug-ins.


  • Drupal is simply not user friendly interface. It requires sophisticated knowledge and few standard things about the platform to install along with modify.
  • Performance is very low compared to other CMS’s. Your website which is built using Drupal will generate big hardware loads and never opens which has a slow internet connection.

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